Owls of the Swamp - Happiness Is A Sad Song

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owls of the swampThe man behind Owls of the Swamp is Pete Uhlenbruch, he has a beard, he is from Australia and he is playing mesmerizing indie-folk. Can life get any better?

The story behind the track "Happiness is a Sad Song" is:

“The song was inspired during a 2012 tour of Czech Republic when Pete was playing all his favourite songs to a friend and realised after a few hours that all his favourite songs were sad, and that for him, happiness is indeed a sad song.”

Even though the tune is indeed quite sad, it is filled with warmth and gives me the same feeling as Ben Howard’s "Old Pine", for example. It is sad, warm, simple and delicate. The harmony of the vocals and the guitar is simply perfect and I can't wait for his album, which is due in 2014.

Good thing that Pete keeps releasing stuff even though he is in the middle of recording his new album in Iceland (!). Keep an eye on his Soundcloud for more B-sides like this.