Van Gogh's Legacy


the-starry-night-1889(1)In the beginning of August, 1883, Vincent van Gogh sent the following letter to his brother Theo.

“One thing I know: within a few years I must bring a certain work to completion… I am concerned with the world only insofar as I have, as it were, a certain dept and duty, because I have been roaming about in it for thirty years, and also because I want, out of gratitude, to leave behind a sort of remembrance in the form of drawings and paintings – not made in order to promote this or that trend, but on account of them having in them something that expresses a sincere human sentiment. That is the goal of my work.”

It is safe to safe Van Gogh made it. Today, his paintings are well known to the lovers of art and also to a great extent to the general public. Even if the name does not ring a bell you probably have seen some of his most famous paintings like “Sunflowers”, “Starry Night” or few of his self-portraits. In total he covered almost 900 canvases.

Perhaps to Petros Vrellis, “Starry Night” was the painting that gave him the most memorable impression of Van Gogh’s art. Petros has created an interactive animation using the image of “Starry Night” resulting in a highly visual and pleasurable experience. A constant flow of colors, the motion of which you can control brings the painting to life. Also, the soundtrack to the animation responds nicely to the flow. Overall, it is a stunning audio-visual application which with the use of the touch screen of your Iphone or Ipad makes it possible to interact and experience the talent of Van Gogh in a very creative way. You can watch the video below the article.