posted by Ivo
August 2014

Rewind is our new content initiative where we will be sharing amazing records from the near or distant past which A) we love, B) are so sick that deserve to be on the Fox and C) you should be listening to.

We came up with this idea few weeks ago and it wasn't long before I made my first pick - The XX's debut album XX (August, 2009) released via Young Turks. After 2 weeks of listening, playing, singing many of the tracks on the album, I think can finally declare that I've learnt to appreciate the music of the British trio (quartet by the time the record was released; Baria Qureshi left/got kicked out in the end of 2009). By the way, speaking of this, there are a lot of funny comments andvposts on her departure from the band, which I find rather ridiculous.

The record. 11 tracks, 38:34 minutes long. Brilliant from the start. "Intro" is the one song that could get a 20 hours long YouTube version and you still won't be puking at the end.

After the neat instrumental, it's time to the very tame "VCR", which kinda feels like a preparation for the awesomeness which follows up. Nonetheless, one of the tracks I do enjoy a lot!

"Crystalised" is the first track I fell in love with. Gotta dig Oliver's quiet, but very on-the-spot vocal skills. I'm wasn't a fan of drum machine or any kind of artificially created percussion sounds, but these guys changed my mind. And the lyrics... brilliant! "So don't think that I'm pushing you away when you're the one that I've kept closest".

"Islands" is by far the most lively song on the album (IMO) and I really love the contrast between the motionless of the guys and rapid moves of the back-up dancers. I saw a few interviews with the trio and I think they're pretty down to earth, even slightly introvert people. A lot of cool shyness.

"Heart Skipped a Beat" is my personal emotional sadness of the record. Not that the album isn't overall-ly sad, but this tune really hits the sad bone. I've realized that unlike other bands, when it comes to the XX, I actually pay attention to the lyrics. Loving the guitar part between the verse/chord!

"Fantasy" really tunes things down. It feels like time stood still for a few minutes. Weird.

"Shelter" is the gentle track. Not sure if it's because of Romy's soft vocals or the super minimal synths in the background, but it just feels... innocent.

And now the tracks I can't yet assimilate. For some reason I feel they can't top all the previous songs and I know I'm probably not being subjective, but "Better Space", "Infinity", "Night Time" and "Stars" are at this age somehow weird. Maybe if I keep rewinding the album, one day I'll get the whole out of it.

Nonetheless, love the record.


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