A thrilling new chapter unfolds in Global indie dance music as Australian artist Maxwell Byrne, also known as Golden Vessel, but the spotlights here are for his new artist moniker 1tbps. Like a fusion of Four Tet's eclectic beats, Daphni's infectious grooves, DJ Koze's inventive arrangements, and the experimental flair of Fred Again.., 1tbps unleashes yet another facet of his versatile talent. Each release serves as a powerful reminder that his musical repertoire knows no bounds.

Fresh off the success of his mesmerizing 8-track Mosquito Love LP was a true showcase of his experimental indie-dance/house sound & style. Today, 1tbps graces our auditory senses again with the exhilarating B-side release "Moth Love". Brace yourself for an electrifying ride as pulsing indie lo-fi house beats intertwine with echoing synths and artfully manipulated vocal samples, creating an irresistible party anthem that beckons you to the dance floor.

Adding to the excitement, the release also features the bonus track "Mosquito (Extended)" - an extraordinary extended version of the album's beloved tracks "Mosquito pt.1" and "Mosquito pt.2", promising an even more immersive journey into 1tbps's vibrant sonic universe.

posted by Boris
October 2023