We started Stereofox in 2013 with love for music and desire to learn and experiment. Since then we've featured more than 15 000 songs and albums, interviewed 100s of artists, both new and established, and we've seen musicians blossom and achieve greatness.

In 2019 we launched Stereofox Records and since then we've had the honour and pleasure to be an active part in artists' creative and sonic journey.

In 2021 we decided to create our podcast - Fox Tales. We want to document our journey and learnings as we navigate in the industry and share our knowledge with others. Also, put the spotlight on music industry people, artists and labels we love and respect.

Being able to do what we love is a pure bliss and something we're thankful for every day.

With this website we hope to bring all the aspects of the brand and bridge the gap between blogging and streaming and create a seamless listener experience.

With all it's ups and downs, the journey has been nothing short of amazing and we're looking for what's waiting for us ahead as a team. Thank you for being here.

We are Stereofox.