Stereofox is a passion-driven, international project involving people from various cultural and educational backgrounds, united by the love for music. Our goal is to share interesting and diverse music and help upcoming bands by spreading the word about their music.

On our website you can find music recommendations, interviews, album reviews, artist mixes and a lot of live footage.

With the release of Stereofox 2.0, besides discovering new sounds, you can create your own customized playlist and share it with friends.

We hope we can build a strong community together and initiate valuable discussions, so don't be shy and lets talk! Feel free to reach us using our personal emails or at [email protected]

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The Tech Team

Senior Writers


Darius Karremans


Hey there!

So, I'm Ivo. Originally from Bulgaria, I had the chance to spend a fair share of my life abroad. I've lived in USA, the Netherlands, Spain and currently - Germany where I work in digital/design and in my free time I try to find that next track.

Occasional drummer, The Office nerd, ice cream, cheese. That kind of stuff, you know? By the way if you happen to be in Berlin - drop a line and let's have a beer!

It's overwhelmingly amazing how fast the project and team are growing. Just a few years back it was just a simple personal blog and nowadays we have more than 25 members from 5 different continents. Plus, I get to do this with my friends - things cannot get any better!

Not that I don't have a social life, but I'm online quite a lot so feel free to talk to me at [email protected], or drop by himynameisivo. Cheers!


Hey! I am Juan - head of the Audiovisuals or in other words the person who is always annoying the audiovisual members with questions and tasks. they deny that, but I think that they try to be pleasant, nah just kidding!

A bit about myself - when I listen music ,my second thought is what kind of image fits with it! As you can Imagine, I am a music lover and generally I listen to funky, reggae and since I meet Ivo I listen quite often post-rock! When I feel homesick - I listen flamenco, the sound of my hometown, Granada - a little town in the south of Spain, where the people play guitar on the street during all of the year.

I have been always moving from one country to another and like a few others from the team I was studying in the Netherlands where I graduated with a degree in Media Studies. During the last two years I have been working in the cinema, publicity and broadcast industry from small production companies to notorious institutions like CNN, Apple or TVE (Spanish Public Television). If you want to see my work as freelancer you can find a short summary on my website. I am always open to meet new people and discuss possible collaborations, so don't hesitate to do so! If you like my work or want to contact me feel free to write [email protected]


Hey, I am Anna. I was born and raised in Russia, but I'm currently living and studying in the Netherlands. I'm one of those boring business kids in suits busy with budgets, but I always have time for something new and funny, traveling around the world, exploring. The decision to join Stereofox was pretty random, but I love it. I couldn't miss the chance to discover new music with the rest of the guys and share new awesomeness that I find every day.

I'll listen to pretty much anything with good vibes and my preferences change a lot over time. Few of my favourite artists are Beirut, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Familjen, Hot Chip, Bloc Party, Caribou. I could go on forever. Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]


Hey, I'm Peter!

I'm from Plovdiv, Bulgaria but now I live in the city of Sofia. I'm old but my teen spirit is still alive and kicking filled with passion for new music. Punk Rock has always been my best friend, so I'm glad I have the opportunity to show you just how good it is.

Add me on whaterver social media you like or write me at [email protected]


What's up? I'm Lauren. Every day I'm on the music front lines, discovering and listening to new music with every opportunity I find. I'm working toward a Public Relations degree at the University of Florida. Follow me on twitter @lbobes for dry humor and your daily dose of my music escapades.


Hello music lovers! I’m Marisa, a writer and photographer living in Colorado. I love to explore and surround myself with beauty, and music is no exception. Happiest when immersed in nature, all I need is a camera in my hand and headphones on my ears, although the camera is often interchangeable for a cold beer or margarita.

As for music, my favorites are usually indie pop/rock/folk, but I appreciate all quality music, regardless of genre. Unfortunately, I don't play any instruments, but I can sing, and do all the time... I just wish I was good at it 😉

Currently my contribution to music is celebrating it. For me, it's as essential as breathing. All I want from life is to be moved by people, places, things and experiences. That's what music does for me and that's why Stereofox is so special. It's a way to discover new music and share its unique experience with others around the world. I'm unbelievably excited to be a part of this project and share my passion and appreciation for music and the talented artists who contribute to it. You can say hello at [email protected]!


Hey! I am Iva. From Plovdiv, Bulgaria. That's a pretty small town with nothing much to do but listening to music. And that's what I've been doing since I can remember myself. Music is not only a passion, it is a feeling, a form of change. Discovering new music is finding a new experience and sharing this with other people is what Stereofox is all about. That is why I am incredibly excited to be a part of this project. You can say "Hi!" at [email protected]!


My name is Aleksander Cerulean and I am currently living and working in Malmö, Sweden. I feel that I have split my creative part in way too many parts and as a result I cannot fully develop and improve them as I wish.

My interests are various and include such topics as photography, music, writing, tattoos, 3D graphics, sustainable development, social change; just to name few. By joining Stereofox I will be able to work on two things I love - writing and music. First, writing is a special and personal experience to me and improving this skill of mine I can only feel joy as I enrich my vocabulary day by day. Second, I know that music and lyrics have profound effect on peoples' behavior and can be a catalyst for a change on both individual and social level. Quality music regardless of genre is a permanent part of my life.

You can reach me at [email protected]


Hola! My name is Rubén and I'm from Sabadell, a little city half an hour away from Barcelona. I will be pleased to introduce you upcoming and great bands, but mostly, I'll be showing you my very own vision of music through my photography.

I started working for a national rock magazine called ROCKZONE seven years ago as a writer, but soon after I joined, I felt the urge to put my words into pictures and bought myself a camera. Since then I've been able to shoot in many places around the globe and met amazing people on the way. Like many of the others I "met" Ivo at a show and he managed to find me through the social networks and asked me to join. Of course I said yes!

I must say this is my first time joining a project and I couldn't be more excited about it. My e-mail is [email protected], but you can use Facebook or [email protected] to drop me a line with anything you might want to ask.


Hey I'm Brent, a UK based Company Director with an obsession for anything lyrically infused.

Born & raised in Leicester, gap-teened in Norfolk, developed in Manchester and now fine tuning in Sheffield, its fair to say I get around.

I've been musically challenged since the age of 8, imprisoned in the back of my Mam's Metro, choking on a heady concoction of hairspray & Michael Bolton. Today, I'm most often to be found floating somewhere along the M62, flicking and tripping through that never-ending rainbow of sound, searching for the next pot of gold.

Stylistically, i'll listen to anything at least once. If it comes with an acoustic guitar and a vocal at either end of the pitch scale, then the chances are it'll be on repeat for a week. I love Country, Folk, Country Folk (esp. with beards), Indie, Trip-Hop, Post-Rock, Dream Pop, Electronic, Rap - agh the list goes on.


Hey! My name is Jordan and I come from the States (South Carolina) and music is my life. I come home every day from school and check what happened in the world of music that day. I love sharing my finds on my personal music Tumblr - indiexmusic, and with my dad, one of my biggest supporters. Outside of music, I also enjoy photography, gaming, shopping, and reading. You can say hi at [email protected]!


Hello folks!

Great to e-meet you, so a little bit about me, I was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Malawi and then moved when I was fourteen to live briefly in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Moving around and travelling has massively influenced me, and most importantly my music tastes, so can´t really complain. I am now currently based in Berlin and have never been more pleased with a life-decision!

I have always been super passionate about music but I have no rhythm, so being a musician - it was actually a dream once upon a time - is not really an option... so those who can´t make music, work in music, right?

I cannot wait to share all my musical gems with you, and discover a ton of music too! Also, please feel free to get in touch with me about anything, even if it´s just to have a chat ?


Hi! I'm Alethia Austin. I'm from Los Angeles but living in Amsterdam, soaking up the canals and reminiscing about the sunny days back in California.

My musical appreciation began about 10 years ago when I started working in the music industry as a journalist, reviewing bands and live shows for a few sites and mags. One thing lead to another and in the past 6 years I've been lucky enough to carefully sift through the endless beautiful music available and find the right songs for the right scenes in TV shows, movies and ad campaigns. Dream job? Totally. Though, I left the bulk of it behind to expand my life through Europe and now I just do the music supervision for fun in addition to my life here.

I was approached by Ivo through my other musical blog and Stereofox really popped for me. I like the approach to music sharing by people from all over the world, who may/may not have a musical background. It's neat. It feels warm and fuzzy. You can reach me on any of the social networks or the old school method of email - [email protected]!


Apa Khabar?

I'm Leilani and I come from Malaysia; though I'm told the only thing Malaysian about me is my accent (hehe).

Living in a melting pot of cultures, growing up in Malaysia has taught meet that you don't have to speak the same language to feel the same way, and that's what I love about music, how you can convert so much with just the sounds that are made.

I don't bite (maybe a nibble or two) so hit me up on Twitter if you'd like to talk @lanimya 🙂


Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm from Liverpool, UK. I'm mad about music, particularly the old stuff, but will give anything a listen. I studied Music Journalism at university and loved every second of it and since then have travelled to some incredible places and drank far more than I’d like to admit along the way.

I like to dance and have a good time - very cliché but that's me. Oh, and peanut butter. Peanut butter is life. And Netflix.


My name is Vasil and I’m from Bulgaria, but have been living and working in Brighton, UK for the last couple of years. I’m currently studying a Masters degree in Documentary film-making, as well as working occasionally as a freelance editor for a local media company. I love electronic, indie pop and classical vocal jazz music, amongst some other shamefully varied and questionable preferences. Living in Brighton, I get to see and hear some amazing artists and bands, and will be bringing some of this vibrant local scene to Sterefox!

I will be working as part of the Audio-Visual team producing video interviews and acoustic sessions. Being part of Stereofox will help me with my ever ongoing search for exciting new music and combine it with my passion for visual arts! Email? [email protected]


Hi guys, I'’m Cameron! I am from Oxford, UK and I am currently interning at a Music PR company called Charm Factory PR in London.

Playing the trumpet from a young age, I have learnt from my own playing experiences to admire all musicians; understanding exactly how special it is to learn, play and perform music.

Interested in all kinds of genres, in September 2012 I decided to start writing my own music blog, mydaybydaymusic, in which I write about a brand new song, every single day of the year. Not only content with writing for two blogs, I also write for San Francisco based hype blog, Indie Shuffle.

With great new songs and great new artists appearing all the time, all over the world, new music is perpetually willing itself to be discovered; so bumping into something mind-bogglingly brilliant by chance and then having the platform to share it with others, is a wonderful thing.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is [email protected]


Hi. We are Stereofox.


Hey guys, I'm Zuli.

I'm from Malaysia. I've always been a film and music junkie. It's actually essential for me to bring headphones wherever I go. I'm not picky about genres, if it's got a sick beat I'll probably vibe with it.

Adventurer | Coffee Addict | People-person


Hi! My Name is Jamie Massieu and since 2008 I've been picturing Madrid's black music scene. Every night, several concerts. Sometimes I go to big concerts, but usually I go to little clubs, where I'm normally the only photographer.

After four years taking pictures in these places, I've managed to be one of the "scene photographers" and to be in every black music event. Gigs, festivals, clubs. I try to be everywhere every time. I know that's impossible, but I really try my best. There is something of documentary and of altruism in my work, but hopefully I've done it my career. You can follow my professional work on my website

Equipment: Canon 1DX + L-Lenses


Hi, my name is Julián Roncal. I'm from Valencia, the city of the original Paella and the best oranges of the world along with the best football team.

I'm a music lover, specially the electronic music. I finished my studies of audiovisual production in Spain and then I decided to move to Germany. I'm based in Berlin at the moment, taking out my camera for events around Berlin and of course concerts.

In one of them I met Ivo and proposed me to join the project of Stereofox, concretely at the Audio-Visual team and I couldn't resist to it. I'm really looking forward to show the people what’s happening at the music scene and ready to make some quality works with the little fox of the music.

You will discover me through my images/videos. Feel free to c heck my website 🙂


I’m Boris, responsible for the UI/UX part of the website. I am 25 and I’ve spent half of my life designing, drawing, programming, eating and cursing at things and working as a graphic designer, photographer, art director, cook, dishwasher, musician and an astronaut.

Current goals - terrace over the sea, travel another 20 000 km, do more couchsurfing, get a new guitar, make Stereofox a bit better every day. If you think you can help me with any of this, or you have an idea of something better I can do with my life, drop me a line at [email protected] I also have a useless website with some nice pictures in it.


Hey there, I'm Gery. I work as an illustrator in Sofia, Bulgaria and enjoy every second of it. I love to travel so my big, big plan is to live all around the world for a few months at a time and sleep on your couch from time to time.

I'm obsessed with drawing, my dog, comic books, tattoos, good food and all the animals and all the nature in the world! And I don’t do anything without music. Seriously, can’t function without a “life soundtrack”. I do listen to all kinds of music styles, have a soft spot for live shows and will probably be deaf by the age of 50 because of my addiction to headphones… So talk to me while I can still hear you at [email protected] or Dribbble


Hi, I'm Mark. I live in Brighton, UK and have a huge passion for finding and supporting new music. Outside of writing for Stereofox, I write a music blog called musicalramble.

If you think we have a similar taste in music or want to get in touch about having your band featured on the site, send an email to [email protected]!


Hey there! My name is Laura. I'm from Groningen, a lovely city up north in The Netherlands.

As a kid I was obsessed with music and I still am a little bit Discovering new music is what I like to do every day, mostly on the internet. But also in the club, at festivals, through friends...

3 years ago I started sharing the newest electronic music like future bass, beats, UK funky, garage, footwork and juke at wegotthesound. At Stereofox? I would simply like to share my favourite songs with you!


Hi I’m Nathan. I’m from all over the place but currently living in LA for the time being. I am a photographer and visual artist, both of which are highly influenced by music through synesthesia.



I live in small country in Eastern Europe, called Bulgaria. Studying engineer design in the Technical university of Sofia, but what really matters for me is photography.

It all started in 2006. I took my mom’s digital camera and went to a skateboarding competition in my hometown- Plovdiv. There I made some shots that I personally liked and soon found out that my friends liked it too. Then I started experimenting by shooting everything, as we all do. My efforts soon started resulting. I won a few local and one national photography competitions. In the time I upgraded to better and more capable cameras and equipment, but still long way to go.

At this time I’m mostly dealing with automotive and concert photography. Also shooting weddings. The automotive photography allows me to experiment as much as I want with light and different post processing techniques. Concert photography is the way I reveal my love to music, by capturing those melodic moments into a muted, but at the same time screaming image. Wedding photography brings me down to earth. Gets me closer to the people and their origins and habits.


Hey guys,

I'm Blessing, ha yep really that’s my name! At the moment, I’m in Frankfurt but actually live in London and Brighton. Music is everything. To me, life is felt through music. When I’m back in London, I have my own little radio show; it’s my hour of fun, mixing, playing new music and giving artists a chance to be heard. I play anything from electro, trip-hop and post-dub. I love sharing music and letting people know what undiscovered gems are out there. Unbiased: Stereofox is one the best platforms for this. Accessible to all. No pretentiousness, no elitism no music snobbism. Just music lovers sharing the love.

Wanna get in contact? Just drop me a line. I’ll be sure to write back!

Peace x



Hey! I am Thomas and I started DJ-ing in 2006 with drum&bass and working for a drum&bass magazine aside. Then moved to lower Bavaria and came in touch with the world of ambient & electronica. I started my monthly radio show "Polarlichter" it is now running on Berlin-based webagenda BLN.FM. Here and there you can find me behind the DJ booth in Berlin.


Yo Stereofox people, my name is Tigran. I am a young student living in Brussels. I am a bit of a music head, from creating and managing a music blog as a teen to djaying and producing later on in my life.

My other interests are travelling, fashion, photography, sneakers, sociology, art and languages. There's something about that feeling when you share music that I really enjoy and makes me happy.

Also, I am always on the lookout for tracks, any genre, as long as their special. If you wanna check more out, send tracks, are in Brussels, or anything else hit me up!


For me, the ultimate feeling is finding that one new song to totally change the course of your day. By coming to Stereofox you and I already have something in common: a desire for good music to fill our lives. Please feel free to contact me, I tend to get along with music lovers: [email protected]


Hey Foxes, I’m Noémie!
I’m living in Paris, where I’m studying Communication. I’m a traveler and a music lover. I aim at promoting music because I believe that music is meant to be shared. What’s a best start than writing for Stereofox and share my music crushes with you?!
I’m pretty versatile when it comes to music genres: electronic, chillwave, alt-pop, hip-hop, folk… But somehow I always end up going back to the roots: rock’n’roll. For the moment, I’m into experimental stuff and a huge fan of Slow Magic, Shigeto, and Breton.
If you’re not bored with me yet and you can read French, you can follow me on my personal blog


Hi! I'm Colin and I come from London and I'm a self-confessed music nut. Some would say that I'm musically confused, rather than be bound by genres, I try to traverse the entire musical landscape whether it be electronic, hip hop, jazz, folk, alternative and more besides. Having relocated to Barcelona in 2013 due to my wife's job, I took a break from work and having toyed with the idea for sometime i decided to start my own music blog.

My blog took its first steps in late 2013 and my remit was simply to explore new music beyond the mainstream. I'ts been an amazing time and to be involved with music on a daily basis in this way has opened my ears even further by discovering new artist from all over the world.
When Alex got in touch with me and asked if i would be interested in joining the Stereofox family, i immediately went to their view website and browsed for a while, then a bit longer, my interest was piqued. The ethos of Stereofox is one that definitely appeals to me, building a community and engaging with like-minded people all over the world who all share a passion for good music.
I'm really looking forward to being part of the team and sharing my discoveries with you. Enjoy the music and keep supporting the artist. If you want to get in touch feel free to drop me a line [email protected] or via my social networks.


Ahoy! I'm Stefano from that lovely little city between Italy and Slovenja called Trieste.

While studying diplomacy and international relationship, my true passion is art in its every form. Oil painting, graphic design, sculpting or mixing, creating and discovering music - I've tried it all, with either good or catastrophic results.

My love for music started as a child, dancing the latin-american song my grandpa used to play then I went through phases, one for every musical genre: from doom metal, to modern classical, from chillout music to breackcore. An everlasting search for the best artists hidden from the pop surface.

Now that I've got the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge, I'll search for the best gems our time can offer.

If you need to contact me, feel free to drop a line to [email protected]


Hey there!

I'm Georgi, originally from Bulgaria, but currently based in "the smartest city in the world" - Eindhoven, NL! There I study for a Masters degree in robotics engineering. All that science has to be balanced out however, and that's where my passion with music plays an important role.

My taste in music ranges from rock to soul and jazz, rap and ends with everything that was released earlier today. I mainly consider my self a hip-hop head with an endless desire to dig up some funky production and ponder over clever lyrics. As a technology nerd, I also appreciate electronic music in all its variations, especially its fusion with already established genres. You can find me often getting lost in soundcloud or bandcamp discovering music and trying to get people to listen to it! That was my main reason for joining Stereofox, as sharing a track an seeing the joy it brings to people gives me the most pleasure in this world.

On the side, I love slacklining, basketball and skiing so you will find me doing something outside each season. I hope you enjoy my posts and if you feel like dropping a line and saying what's up you can find me at [email protected]



Hey I'm Eme!

Currently situated in Berlin where I spend most of my time dancing with friends and cycling around. I'm always keen on a good laugh. I love finding and sharing music so enjoy my curated picks!


based in the usa and an avid fan of fresh fruit.


Hey, I’m Mike. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—a town known for steel, sports, and good beer. I moved to beautiful Berlin, Germany shortly after completing my Bachelor's degree where I currently live and work as an aspiring marketing nerd.

It sounds cliché, but music is life. I love going to shows and festivals and have witnessed some extravagant ones in the EU and US. I play drums and jam about from time to time and I love dancing to all types of music. I joined Stereofox, because I want to share what I’ve discovered in these passions with the world. I see musical genres as very complex and I am always expanding my tastes and exploring avenues for musical discovery. I’ve been known to be particularly enthusiastic about bass music, electro funk & soul, as well as any genre/subgenre that ends in “hop”.


Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev


Hello! Born and raised in France, I’m a Paris-based student who loves to travel around and who is perpetually looking for new fantastic sounds.

Working in the French media during the day, enjoying good tracks the night! Weirdly in love with depressive music, I also love any kind of tracks featuring a sax.


Hi there! I'm Nasko. Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, graduated Journalism in Sofia University. I currently run a film-making business in Sofia.

I enjoy music for as long as I can remember. I often change directions, varying from electronic to jazz and soul to metal and hardcore, but mainly new-school stuff. I love singing, but I don’t think I have the qualities to be a musician. However, I have always seen music as a passion, as something way more than just beats, melody and lyrics. And this is exactly why I am part of Stereofox – a great way to share with people good music and those new discoveries I don’t even know how I managed to find.

Apart from music, I am really keen on photography, traveling, biking and craft beer. I’d love to chat about anything, so don’t hesitate to write me on [email protected]


Darius Karremans


Hello there!

I'm Natalia from Sofia, Bulgaria and I currently work as an editor of a cultural city guide. I’ve always been a music junkie and I like to share my discoveries with as many people as possible (never against their will!) so when I first heard of Stereofox I knew it was the right place to be.

So here I am. Hi!


Hello, my name is Lora. I've been reveling in the expansive music scene of Berlin (and the city itself) for the last three years, after moving from London and originally from Bulgaria.

I usually express my mind through writing but in the past few months have started a new form of diaries - mixtapes. They are a record of overflowing experiences and mind journeys, but most importantly help me discover new artists and share their music. I'm looking forward to be introducing some of them to the Stereofox community.


Hey there! My name is Lela and I come from the desert of southern Arizona. I spend most of my time creating ambient induced day dream and trying to find new sounds, especially those that can accompany me on my travels.

Darius Karremans

Darius Karremans

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Fred Chebil

Uus Ngga



Ardy Bagus8

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Panji Wardana Pangestu

Angga Tri prabowo



herinda damayanti

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Muharrom Mail

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arief mardiansyah

Miga Ramadhanty

Benjamin Smith

Satria Al Afif


Fadhilah Azhari

Aidin Syahdana

Ahmad Maulana

Erwin Darmawan

Ibrais Adha

Furqon Alwie

Naufal Rozandi

Aliya Nabila

Danny Kirby

Syamsul Rosyah


Wildan Hakim II

Pim de Jonge

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yusuf fadhil ak

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I'm Lulibo, although I go by Lu. Ever since high school I've been on a search for different sounds, and it helps coming from such a creative city such as Cape Town. When I'm not writing gripping articles about music or hounding for new sounds, I spend my time studying psychology in university and making Trip Hop/Ambient music under the moniker Skai Lounge. Recently I've also started a YouTube series called The Music That Made, which is basically a Genius but for South African artist. Genres such as Psych Rock, Indie, Chillwave and Alt Hip Hop tend to grab my attention.

Edgar Padmanegara

Ahmad Nur Hadi


Rizaldi Eka Saputra

Nopy Firmansyah

Irfan Prasetyo

Alfian Nahar

Farhan Zahirrasyad

AL 4238

Athari Dzaky

Reza Firmansyah


Jalal Karim

wardana mikael

Angga Abadi

Muhammad Fiqri Rustam

Wahyu Febriansyah

wahyu nugraha

Muhammad Arden Dhiya Elfata

Rinaldy Maulana

Pieter Zierra

Maclean Ankhelyi

Dito Muchlis Aditya

aku bisa jelaskan

Wahyu Mono

Valeriy radchenko


Trianda Sept

Dedy Kurniawan

Farhan Kukuh

Javiernando ramadhan


Rian Serfian

monn hhu

muf abrar

Alfian Nur Illahi


Andhika Purnama

Aris Chandra Falah

Salimudin LIM

Firdaus IB

Okky Giovani

Raymon Aprianto

Lukão Freitas

el @ EP soon

Khaifal Alif

Mochammad Viand Lail'

Nawi Nasution

Daffa' Helmi

Maned Wolf

Abdul Latief

Bento Acik

Riccardo Romani




Ericko Lim

Jefri saputro

Edward Briliance Raing

Muhammad Wafi Al-Riza

Okta Bere

Anrafan Niko Nanda

Ryan Pratama

Cooper Stites

Scrubbing Bubbles

Boby Bambang Koswara Prakasa

winaldyarga1setiawan Kearifan lokal

fzaz_ yz

Reza Aldev

Vey Farareot

Sebut Saja Telolet

Ananda Alfian

Ралица Русанова

M Aliel Fahmi

Rizal Prasetya

Иван Димитров

Rens Febrianty

Dedy Kurniawan

Alvin Aziz


Raphael Miracle

Anthony Roberts

Jordan Watts

Erika M N


Alifmansyah Salman



Muhamad Rifki Gunawan

Lazuardi Bintang Utama

Rivan Fairuz

Azizil Hartono

Out lawZ

Fujiwara Takumi

Fikri Maulana

Agung Harahad

Spencer Miller




Javier Simón Hasbani

muhammad alfarizi


Samuel Victory

Stanimir Genev

Rizaldi Dwi Ramadhan

Syahrul Gunawan

Miroslav Machek

Thanos Sckull Trooper

David Edlinger

Jagantara Rendra




Andre Ziegner

Hamid Ibrahim

Yohan Panca Putra

Dimas Yoga

Rahmat Syanakri


Bernardus Bagus

Louise Wellby

Best Drummer

Pikra Matorang

Lavou Fo

Indra Alfareza


Sina Fanoos

Eleri WB

Muhammad Rivaldi

Popow Bee

Kris Nanda



panji Fikri


Muhammad RizQi

Bagus Arya Suseno

Andre Setiawan

Nikolas Altmannsberger


Cahya Setiawan


Jie Chenk

Fathanrizkiyawan Fathanrizkiyawan

Nuno Talakua


Susi Wida

Tia Nenden

Deka Lananda

Egi Saputra

Lisco Ray

Tata Vita

Fikry Au


Bagasancu Bagas

Ihsan Amanullah

Yandi arviero


Rahmadani Hariyadi

Tạ Quang Khôi

Idham Aldilas

Danielle Barrett

Rizki Maulana


Bayu Perdana

Trio Ikhwan

Mutiya Nurfaridah

Lucas Jacques


Mohammad Fahmi

Zidan Fahrian

Abdul Jabbar

Jagad Syarief

Scarlett D Flamez

Mues Sanggel


amirul asyraff


Eka Driantama Putra

Mr. Oplo69


Ari Kp

Risky Firdaus


Brad Yellin



Pin Pie


Roy Cohen


Jennifer McCarthy

Hari Vixion

Taufiq Kurniawan

Kwan Can Do

Rama Jr.

Fakhri Ismail

Mira Sheramovich

Rafli Pradana

Berit Disorder

Alexandr Artemov

miki arisandi

Vickie Powers

Muhammad Rafi Arrasyid

Moussa Mozez

Fendy Fird

Farras haidar

Dedy Pratama


Andrew Wrensch

Gita Ogeb

Andi Pratama Putra

Kanwil Beacukai Kalbagbar

Wandy Andreas Pakpahan

Baitillah Ahmad

Manutea Nw

Muhammad Riza

Kate Lennon

Mikael Landén

Muhammad Bilal akbar

Farhan Fadila

Sophia Battaglia

Ardy Shaputra

Exoes Dream

Deni Agustin


Firly Ramadhani Rahawarin

Dimas Bayu

Styfe Ricky Menna Surbakti

Ucup Eko

Hengky Kurniawan

Ebtihal Asiri

Aashiq Bro

Bakol Beras

GT- aRt

Imam Harpian R

Simba Andrews

Wahidi Ardiansyah

Unden Leslie

Rahmi Rizqi Murti

Muhammad Syarif Akbar

andi sumadi

Creamy Tea


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Dimas Wahyu02

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iambold gaming

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Yordan Velchev

Andy. C

sujith sunderraj

JJ Jelinek

Courtney Dashper

Rizal Zamroni

Muhamad Azrul Ramadhani



Branwiñ Giá Jãys

Rendi Darmawan

Rasky Adi Indarman

Raihan Hafizh

Wikan Cahya

Hilman Sulaeman

Teguh Fadholi

Febriyan Dwi

Kurnia Sandy

Hyuga Irawan

Tywa Nahu

Dani Cornetto Jr.

Rizal Satriani

Ladi Assage

Anshari Oddang


Rositsa Petrova


Eric Fitzgerald

Miftahul Aziz


Septyan Ardiansyah

Dimas Sukmawan

Boyan Tsonev

Yulio Munoz


Xochitl Berna


Alfiank Al

Romi Setiadi

Fatwa Aji

Gore Din Chitila


Laqi Musi

Hafizh Al Anshari

Ryos Tripod



Sultan Muda Azmi Fajri

Roman Ilyin

Fitri Mawar

Rony Setyawa

Aldi Roxider

Bangsawan Gaskins

Lalu Sugama Sugeng

Bayyu Adhitya

kerja bengkel4

Keluarga camp

Andy C


Richard Frost

Dela Elamis

lucia music

Patrick Guti Gutensohn

Barra Ferdynata


Praditia Salim

Aric Leon Keckler

Fadhil Lukman Hakim

Rox Johnson



Alena Shliapina


lukman Cube

Anisha Uppal


Aditya Putra Nugroho


Farhan Izzan



Mildred Wayne

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Muhammad Rafly Hakim

Saiful Ramadhan


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Muhamad ElBaray




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Trie Panjaitan

Irfan Maulana


Opik Taufik Hidayat

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Adrian Ruiz

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Xlenpro Gaming

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Wahyu Try


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Lucio Loyola

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Alex II

Ahmad Syifaurrosidin


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Cassimirus Satrio Pinandhityo


Reynaldo Panduwal

Usher Lavelle Mullins

agril Prayoga

our tv

Lil Color

Stefany Indah Ayuri

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Alex Schneyer

Faishal Huda


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Muhammad Nabil Habibi

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Carluccio D'Souza

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Mohamad Yusuf


Tugus Teni

Nisa Oktaviana

Alex Prt

Yusril Khaerul M

Lucy McGeough

akun bersama

Dato Gomaraa

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Reynaldi Hutama

Irgi Yohananto



Hakim Afif Putra

Vincent Gabou

Hengky Kurniawan

Agung Perdana KusumahasiaWe

Novita Azza

Indra Sukmana

Randy Putra

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Smith Ja'Shun

Lawson Katelynn



satrio nugroho

Tom Smith

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Ini Kita


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Dicky Artha

muhammad ammar

Andre Wijaya



Al Habib Suwailim

Muhammad Zainur Rosikin

Gus Jahn

Rifki Maulana

Ed Rosi

Oki AJ

Althoof Syecha Habibie

Ashley Reber




Boris Mihov

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Regasaputra Films

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Jersey We Lit Records, KI Back at it

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Maria Retno Utami

Александрина Станковска

Tudor Bejan

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As the development advanced, we decided to add more features and things skewed towards creating something which we couldn't really fit into any category. We wanted to put our marketing, copywriting and technical skills & knowledge into practice while keep having fun. By that time Juan came in and pushed our Media section - in-house made videos and galleries shot by some of the most awesome people ever!

We had no idea whether this would work out and how long could we really "keep" the passion for music, but as it turned out - the feeling of being part of this project was even more awesome than most of us could imagine. That's why we came up with the idea of Stereofox 2.0.

Of course nothing of what you see today wouldn't be possible without our community. We made a crowd-funding which gave us the resources to create what you see today. Where are we now? We don't know ourselves. We want to grow and keep doing what we love the most - write about music! We hope you enjoy this website and the music we share.

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