Hey there! My name is Nora and I’m from Bulgaria. Music plays a special role in my life – a little bit like a tasty scent which is calling out my name and guiding me to the source of it. I’ve been singing and making music all my life and this has been the reason to make many big decisions – for example deciding to live abroad ( Portugal and Germany) in order to rediscover myself and explore the world in search of music and interesting opportunities for music-making. I’m an interdisciplinary artist (my artistic name is NoomRa), involved in anything between visual and stage arts, with music being the focal point of it all. I’m passionate about sharing my message with the world and inspiring people. As far as my music taste goes – I listen to a broad range of genres, but particularly enjoy music that energizes, motivates and makes you feel alive and ready to conquer and make the best of your day (and well, life). I believe that it’s no coincidence to have become part of the Stereofox family and I’m truly grateful for it.