What a shocker, Eton Messy Records drop yet another gem... Even when trying to sound sarcastic it doesn't work, simply because we've genuinely seen so much good music come out from the guys over at EMR. "Inperspect" by 2XM takes the crown as the latest masterpiece on their roster.

The pair of 2XM, the collaborative guise of the respectively New Zealand and Australia-based Liam and Ben Murray have been creating unique blends of dance music. Exploring a multitude of sonics, thier sound can be traced back to the wide variety of training and interest in jazz, classical, hip-hop and electronic music. With "Inperspect" the duo takes breakbeat and garage-infused grooves to another level by dripping some incredible ambiance and vocal chops on top. Here to help you experience this gorgeously deep sonic journey is the calming visual linked below, hit the play button!

posted by Chris
August 2021