When a few days ago I featured Pryces' psychedelic beat "Just a Dream" I had no idea that his name would come up just a few days later, but this is the random beauty of life. Today's spotlight shines on 53 Thieves - a collaboration project between UK based vocalists and songwriters Jess and Conor from Denton Thrift, New York-based producer Ronin and... well, Pryces.

Their new single "southside" was released via Majestic Casual yesterday and is nothing short than groovy excitement. The flirt with modern disco combined with uplifting house beats and gentle synth chords, take you to outdoor parties where the sun won’t set and the rays lay a golden filter on everything they touch. I copied that from their press release, but could not have said it better. The track is the best way to kick-off an awesome Saturday morning.

"southside" focuses on rejection and desperation. The narrative follows a person who would do or say anything in order to come closer to someone they are infatuated with. For this track, Pryces had been listening to a lot of disco and house music and wanted to create something with a four to the floor feel. While the rest of the EP has the more muted/chilled out 53 Thieves vibe, we all wanted something with a bit more velocity to spark the beginning of the release.”

posted by Ivo
October 2020