A-1 and Baghead's latest release "Dear Mr. Bourdain" is a thought-provoking gem that explores themes such as mental health, fame, depression, and suicide.

Hailing from San Francisco California, A-1 is the kind of rapper that reaches the souls and inspires minds when he rhymes. I've listened to "Dear Mr. Bourdain" at least 5 times in the past few minutes. He has crammed Baghead's soulful instrumental with deep, reflective moments that many of us are bound to relate to. The verses are laid out as a letter to the late great Anthony Bourdain, however, his storytelling is still delivered in a manner that shows off top-class penmanship and lyricism. This, paired with the experimental passages in the instrumental made for SUCH an emotionally gripping listening experience.

A-1 shares, "I’ve been writing it in bits and pieces since Bourdain’s death in 2018 and just released it now. It has no cursing, and ends with a positive message."

posted by Lu
November 2023