A beautiful rendition that I can actually say does Adele justice, "Hello" covered by Sebastian Kole is filled to the brim with soulful vibes.

Being an Adele fan since her debut with 19, I was surprised when I found myself replaying her song without her voice filling the lyrics.

Sebastian Kole, a fairly new artist, brings the same sort of round, wholesome sound that is so often used to describe Adele's vocals. Still, Kole puts his own twist on the song, replacing the words "California dreaming" with "Alabama dreaming", as he is originally from Birmingham. The background vocals that accompany Kole create a more pop-R&B-infused sound, which, actually adds to the creative beauty of his rendition.

So, hats off to you, Mr. Kole. Kole is currently working on an album with EP Entertainment/Motown Records, and it is set to release any day now.

posted by Staff
November 2015