One of my favourite bass players and singers of this generation, Adi Oasis, is back with a solid sound that will make your jaw drop and a message you can't ignore.

The French-Caribbean who we interviewed back in 2021 shares "Dumpalltheguns" featuring US singer and layer Danielle Ponder on the 8th of March, International Women's Day. The song is a clear and powerful call for peace and gun control and one of the many social causes Adi stands firmly behind. The track is taken from the deluxe edition of Lotus Glow which she released in 2023 and is further enhanced thanks to Danielle's signature voice.

Danielle commends Adi for his talent in igniting both movement and introspection, highlighting the song's relevance in today's context. Adi, in turn, admires Danielle's powerful voice, drawing parallels to the legendary Nina Simone, and appreciates her history of advocacy, recognizing her as the perfect partner for this poignant musical endeavor.

A track that will certainly move you.

posted by Ivo
March 2024