There's nothing more liberating than blasting Afriqua's "Always" throughout your car speakers on a warm and sunny winter day.

The track, released in 2022, was my gateway drug which opened my ears to the wonderful art of the US-born producer. If you enjoy what you're experiencing right now, brace yourself - there is a lot more from that!

With roots in hip hop and turntablism, Adam grew up inspired by pioneers like Jazzy Jay and Grandmaster Caz before falling in love with the works of contemporary (back then) artists like The Neptunes and Timbaland. Nuances which you can still pick up from his work today. With "an eye to the future and and ear to the past", Afrique strikes an insanely accurate balance between the sounds from the old, and sounds from the new.

Built with afro grooves and soulful vocal samples "Always" embodies elements of house and funk music. Genres, designed to make you want to dance.

posted by Ivo
January 2023