Wow, today is a day full of amazing collaborations and the next one should be definitely on your music radar. Ambient producer AK join forces with Misc.Inc in this wild upbeat electronic gem.

Granular synths sparkle through some heavy bass which immediately opens the first part of the track and continues into a 4-to-the-floor smooth kick in the second part of the track that blends with a dreamy vocal lead melody, captured in the background that lays the main theme of the song.

Ever wondered what "Nightingale" is? It's a bird, but the symbolic meaning of the word has a long history - in the Western spiritual tradition, it means goodness and virtue.

This is the voice of nature, the feeling of flying because we were born to be free, to run wild, and to choose a different future, or a different past.

You can also watch the official video here.

posted by Boris
July 2022