А flawless Ghana and UK collision thanks to this Aka Kelzz / Ria Boss gem that will make your blood boil.

Vocals that will melt your soul, funk-inspired phat synths, and superb grooves are the ingredients of success stirred by Berlin-based singer/songwriter Aka Kelzz (they/them) and neo-soul prodigy Ria Boss based out of Ghana's capital Accra.

Aka Kelzz embarks on a voyage to fulfill their childhood aspiration of crafting and disseminating their music to the world. Join them as they lead you through a sonic adventure of mesmerizing beats, poignant lyrics, and soothing vocals, "Mango" being just a single step of that journey. In recent years. they also supported artists like Pip Millet and Shay Lia, which should tell you enough about the greatness ahead of them.

"Mango" is the kind of track that adds a shield of protection around one before he sets off on that new daily adventure into the outside world.

posted by Ivo
last month