posted by Ivo
October 2013

 I don't often do Dutch bands. Not that they're are all that bad, but it simply doesn't impress me enough too tell others about. However I am going to make an exception here. De Staat, as they're called, have been going for several years now and are on their third album released just a few weeks ago.

I don't know why but Dutch bands don't really seem to get much exposure abroad. It's weird because the level is generally better than the average chart stuff that comes from all over the world. De Staat has played several international festivals though, including legendary Glastonbury. Let's take a brief look at their latest album titled: I_CON

I never was a massive fan of this band, but straight from the first track I loved this album. It starts of with distorted guitars and a familiar voice I recognise from the band. The band uses more harmony on this album than before and has brought their overall standard to broader audience.



"Devil's blood" is the first single released before the album. It has a stunning synth and cracks into a chorus that is surprisingly calm. From here on the album takes some turns here and there, but generally the pace is kept up well and an authentic album has been created. A track that is definitely something different is "Wich Doctor". It has a feel of electronic house to it. It's a beaty sound that keeps on returning and gives the band their unique sound. I had to get used to it, I must admit, but I love it!

The synths and overdriven guitars keep on coming on the whole album. It has a consistent sound/style and has catchy pop songs as well as some more obscure tracks. The ideal way to keep a growing broad audience happy with the album. Check the album out, and maybe we can bring Dutch rock music in the spotlight a bit more!