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July 2018

Fun fact - Flamingosis is the 2nd most "blogged" artist on Stereofox after Tom Misch, although I found Misch a few years earlier... sooo who knows!

Anyways, my point is that Aaron's music is one of the reasons I actually got into the beat scene back in 2014/2015. Although I wouldn't describe his groove as chillhop, it was the one of the gateways towards instrumental music. Albums like Great Hair, Bright Moments and A Groovy Thing, besides a showcase of how little this dude sleeps and/or the level of creativity, are simply a must-hear for anyone who loves good music, regardless the genre labeling thingie. Hence, I guess it's needless to say that when he announced the release of Flight Fantastic and shared the album's title track (featuring Birocratic) it made my day.

Few hours the album became available on bandcamp, so... here I am - listening to Flight Fantastic (now for the 2nd full time) and writing those lines.

I haven't had the chance to speak with Flamingosis yet, but he seems like genuinely nice guy. Someone who is down to Earth and cares utmost about the music he creates. Something which I immediately felt from the message he left alongside the album release...

This album is a continuation of the groovy hip-hop sound that I enjoy to make. As always, thank you to all the supporters, old and new, for sticking with me and welcoming my music into your life. Hope you enjoy it!

I have to start with the fact that I absolutely love Flight Fantastic's intro track "Ignition". While it sounds weirdly familiar, I can't figure out whether I've heard this motif before. It feels like a weird funk / vaporwave sound from space. While it's just 49 seconds, I feel it deserved a proper shoutout as those tracks never get mentioned in album reviews (if we can even call this ... an album review).

I won't be circling back to album's title track, but I can't go on without mentioning the bassline of "Flight Fantastic". It's just way too impressive. Biro, if you read this - man, this is just rad.

In general, the whole album feels like a ray of happiness, just like most of Aaron's music. I guess that's why I've featuring him so much - his SoundCloud feels like a safe space in times when I am stuck when it comes to finding good music. One thing I appreciate alot about this sound is the revival / nurture the love for old school soul, funk and disco music. Tracks like "You Were Meant For Me" and "Can't Seem To Shake It" remind me of the first time I heard the music of The Jackson 5 or... idk Ottis Redding. I think such music and direction is so important for young people nowadays - I used the word "gateway" before, but I do feel that such modern touch to those classic genres would sparkle the love and curiosity of today's generation to... dig back into those awesome vintage days.

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I was pleasantly surprised to hear some disco/house vibes in tracks in "Two Steppin' Into Fantasy" - definitely a put-on-your-dancing-shoes kind of track. That being said, I find the album to be actually "cooling off" as the tracks number increases. I guess it's all a journey and as I've said before - always listen to an album in its full. While artists don't always put hardcore logic behind song's order, it's somehow important to figure and walk those steps. Flight Fantastic's last 2 songs "Another Time" and "Last Stop" are definitely mellowness... but a beautiful one.

Music aside, the album comes with sick visuals Aaron shared on Instagram. Creatively - this is just destruction.

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I will wrap this up by saying nothing surprising - Flamingosis gifted us another sound delight. Support this dude, he's doing a lot for the scene and music culture nowadays.

It's almost midnight here, so I will shut down the laptop and give this beauty another listen while slowly spacing out. Cheers!

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