posted by Ivo
March 2020

As parts of the world are slowly lapsing into what people call social distancing, there's one thing that might make staying in better. It's been weeks now, but the day has come - Four Tet's 10th full-length album Sixteen Ocean is available for streaming on all major platforms.

After featuring "Baby" (featuring Ellie Gouldling) and "4 Recordings", now it's time to reveal the full picture - 16 compositions which definitely dwell in the experimental Four Tet world.

I just finished the first listen of the album which took me about an hour and I couldn't be more content with its sound. From upbeat and dance-driven tracks like "Baby" and "Something In The Sadness" to bizarre bits like "ISTM", "4 Recordings" and "1993 Band Practice" which feel a good mini-transitions and portals to some cool, but abstract worlds. My highlight was "This Is For You". The track just gave me the goosebumps. It feels like what floating sounds like. I think this is a pointless statement, but Kieran Hebden is a genius.

Sixteen Ocean is definitely a record to listen to on your own or with someone you feel comfortable enough to sit in complete silence. There is this feeling of cosmic healing throughout the whole thing. Lots of tiny details in the instruments he's using. Chimes, timpani, exotic drum patterns - all aiming to provide the listener with a zen-centered experience. As things look like being inside a lot in the upcoming weeks, I feel this album could be a great friend along your next meditation journey.

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