posted by Ivo
last month

Glass Beams 2nd EP, Mahal, has swiftly catapulted them into the limelight in recent months. That coincides with them joining the legendary Ninja Tune, a match made in heaven, if you ask me.

From what I'm seeing, the enigmatic trio shows no signs of slowing down. Their social media presence has exploded, gaining half a million new followers on Instagram alone. Selling out venues and upgrading shows due to high demand, Glass Beams' rise is nothing short of meteoric.

They came on my radar a few months ago, first because of a video on social media. I was captivated not only because of the sound, but their looks, aesthetics, and pretty much the whole aura surrounding their presence.

Despite having just two EPs under their belt, the Melbourne-based trio's fusion of Western, Indian and Arab musical influences has struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Their self-produced works exude a mesmerizing blend of live instrumentation and DIY electronica, creating a captivating sonic and visual experience. It reminds me of both Khruangbin and LALALAR.

Title track aside, I personally really resonated with "Orb". Those chanting vocals and the dark, distorted synths feel like a dystopian version of one of Scheherazade's tales.

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Mahal is out officially today both digitally and on vinyl via Ninja Tune. The band also released a 20-minute film comprising live versions of all the tracks on the EP. A must-see.

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