posted by Lu
July 2021

Makzo’s eclectic album Wanderlust acquaints listeners with a colorful bouquet of emotions. Especially since it’s jam-packed with features from some of the biggest names in the beat scene, such as The Kount, goosetaf, oatmello, and more.

Zack Mortimer, also known as Makzo, is a London-based producer who has been releasing music since 2017. He quickly garnered the attention of listeners with his refreshing modern touch on old-school hip hop – drawing inspiration from luminaries like Ta-ku, 9th Wonder, J Dilla, and Mr. Carmack. It didn’t take long for one of the leading record labels in lofi hip hop Chillhop Music to take notice of his talent, and decide to get behind the release of his debut album Wanderlust. This offering is a blend of downtempo, melancholic, spacey, and jazzy instrumentals, ensuring an intriguing listening experience from start to finish.

We’re greeted with the jazz-influenced opener “Viatecture” which features German-based producer Leavv. The cries of sax immediately breathe life into the track, while the backdrop is adorned with soft atmospheric keys. “Viatecture” serves as a prelude to the exquisite musicality that we’re about to encounter throughout the project.

Makzo’s role as a “director” dare not escape mention, and a shining example of his acute curation of ideas and synergy appears on the follow-up track “Caravan”. Beat scene icons goosetaf and The Field Tapes help shape this gem into a warm rhythm-driven experience with their contributions. The final touches are cemented by Makzo’s piano arrangements where he solidifies his musical prowess.

I had this persistent feeling of Wanderlust. I wanted nothing more than to travel the world, meet new people, and make music. Of course, we’ve always been able to collaborate remotely, but I still wanted to make more of a statement regarding the cosmopolitan nature of the album. 

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Lodged in the very center of the project is the glossy “Layover” – a track that emphasizes the theme of travel that’s mentioned above. Makzo and brillion’s collaboration here is bound to whisk listeners off into a daydream by virtue of the airy keys and emotive melodies. It’s not only in the middle of Wanderlust where Makzo expresses sentiments around travel, the closing track “Airplane Mode” also ties into the theme. Here it’s the slick guitars that set the track apart from the rest of the track list. Notable figures such as Axian and falcxne are invited by Makzo to create a closing moment that’s soulful and brimming with a sense of optimism. 

If you’re looking to unwind and dive into an introspective journey, Makzo’s Wanderlust caters for that and you’re welcome to dive into it here

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