posted by Ivo
September 2017

The day has come! ODESZA's 3rd full length album A Moment Apart is official out. It has been a while since we interviewed Clay and Harrison and I think the guys have come along way.

Ever since they first released the first single off the record back in April, I've been asking myself "how polarized I would feel when the album goes out?". Now, one thing's for sure - there's a new direction in their sound. Also, the name of the game when it comes to A Moment Apart - collaborations.

After listening to the whole album a few times this morning, I have to say - I dig it. I think it won't reach the emotional memories I had created with Summer's Gone, but that was also the case with In Bloom. The sound is progressively going softer, but with a few exceptions which I couldn't get on board with, the album has some absolutely stunning tracks.

Tracks like "La Cuidad", "Late Night" and "Divide" featuring Kelsey Bulkin are the definite pillars of the record. That being said, I feel people should listen to the whole album. Just like you would read a story and the moment I realized that was pretty early - as soon as the 2nd and title track of the A Moment Apart kicked off. It somehow felt like it won't be the first or last time they try to tell a story through this image.

Another thing about ODESZA - I've seen them live 3 times and at the end of the day I really believe that's where the strength of Clay and Harrison lies in. This shot from their latest gigs provide enough evidence for that. Plus, you know what they say - a picture is worth more than a 1000 words.

I've added a few sources to stream the album, especially for those of you who're not on Spotify. I hope you guys enjoy it. Personally - I think I've embraced the new sound and am happy that the guys are doing what they want. For me ODESZA will always be a band who shaped modern electronic music. Now time to dig into A Moment Apart!

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