posted by Staff
November 2013

The Internet is an R&B duo, whose second album Feel Good is exactly what the title proclaims. Singer songwriter Syd The Kyd and producer Matt Martian, both in their early 20s, like me, are part of the generation who grew up listening to the so called neo soul, eclectic hip hop, and R&B music of the late 90s to early 2000s.

Every song on the Feel Good transitions into the next, seamlessly. One song can be a smooth R&B synth heavy ballad, the other an upbeat playful song, and the next a groovy instrumental track. Syd The Kyd doesn’t have the strongest voice, nor the most compelling lyrics, but she also is not trying to be something she’s not. Feel Good comes right up to familiarity, however it still manages to stay relevant and exciting.

For a minute, R&B music seemed to be lacking consistency. If it wasn’t for artist like The Intenert, Solange, and Frank Ocean revitalizing that smooth coolness essential to R&B music, I’m not sure where the genre would be now.

Ultimately, Feel Good is not just a good R&B album; it’s a good piece of music. You can play it any and everywhere and it just feels good.

My personal favourites - "Dontcha", "You Don’t Eve Know Pupil" and "The Patience Running"

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