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last month

I see this wonderful tendency of chillhop/lofi producers moving away from the strictly instrumental aesthetic and venturing into similar genres like r&b and hip-hop - which solidifies & further elevates their production skills.

That's the case with Uevo - a Dutch beatmaker & guitarist we've previously released with ("Endless Breeze" together with RINZ.). He's coming with his 3rd LP - and the longest project in his career - Shifting Sands. 16 songs that flow seamlessly from jazzhop, neo-soul, r&b, chill beats, and a bit of hip-hop - all united by the contemporary jazz sound.

He explains, "Shifting Sands tells a story about life. About emptiness, fulfillment, and doubt. It represents the cycle of looking for a place that you can call home, finding it, and losing it again. We are all just Shifting Sands."

On this journey, Uevo is not alone - he's joined by a dream team, including vocalists Bella Luna, Thierry Ganz, Macarena & NNADI, producers Noflik, RINZ. & MIDN8, and brass players The Goldenboys, Prime8 & Akīn.

It's impossible to pick favorites from the album but in my humble opinion, the must-hear songs would be "Look Out" with its slow-groove rhythm, warm brass & captivating vocals by Bella Luna; "Fallin'" with its summery guitars and NNADI's hazy voice swinging between soul & hip-hop; the slow-burner with rich drum section, psychedelic guitars & smooth singing "Anytime".

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The instrumental works are also not to be neglected - the guitar-driven "Train Station" with RINZ.; the misty jazzhop "Lately" with Prime8; the mellow "Late Night" with Akīn. But the whole thing is such a delight, make sure to stream it from start to finish.

With 8 upfront singles and a 4-month-long rollout, Shifting Sands can also be purchased on a gorgeous cream white 140g vinyl record - available here. Aside from that, the songs get lovely music videos recorded in Uevo's signature yellow campervan.

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