posted by Ivo
February 2024

This is part of our vinyl/album spotlight series we started on Instagram and while dné's These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere is now 8 years old, the music is timeless and it deserves the proper spotlight on Stereofox. I am writing those for the videos coming with the feature, so I felt that I could simply add and expand on them on the website itself.

dné (pronounced d-neh) is Czech producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. 

Today’s spotlight was released in 2016 via Majestic Casual and is Ondřej’s debut LP which propelled him onto the global stage with its distinct method of crafting a minimalist yet profoundly resonant electronic journey wrapped around with a rather classical/cinematic outer layer.

The album is cinematic, calm, nostalgic, and filled with tons of small intricate sound details that require multiple listens to fully uncover.

One could easily refer to These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere as a timeless record. It is not the forward-thinking approach to creating music, but rather the ability to bottle multiple emotions that makes this 30-minute album sound relevant 8 years after its release.

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dné didn’t rush this creation and left things to happen on their own. During a radio interview when asked why it took him 5 years to write the album, he shared, “Because I was looking for the right sound and I wasn’t fortunate enough to find it for three years. So then I established a concept for myself: piano and human clapping. And it went kind of smoothly from there.

You’ll hear a lot of elements from the early days of future beats, 808s, and kicks that take a lot of space, but at the same time the feeling of aerial lightness that makes the whole album sound cohesive as a soundtrack to a coming out of age movie.

These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere feels like Bon Iver, Shigeto, and Ta-Ku, but a lot more cinematic.

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