posted by Lu
September 2022

Dose of Oxytocin is a name that perfectly describes the latest body of work from the New York native Elion Melody. The ethereal nature of his feather-soft vocals paired with the production welcomes us to a sedative feel in various moments of the project.

Elion’s world of R&B is drenched in a lush, dreamy haze with an emphasis on gripping melodies when it comes to the vocals and the instrumentation. However, something that sits somewhat unnoticed until you’re chest-deep into Dose of Oxytocin is how the songwriting induces a sense of nostalgia. “Comfortable” is a wonderful example of this as he describes the feeling of easy romance in the present tense, whilst painting the image of the future with that special someone. Elion writes from his experiences, and it’s his tasteful writing that allows the listener to reflect through his lyrics. I can’t neglect to mention the 90’s R&B touch the track is blessed with, for ’90s kids this definitely heightens that sense of nostalgia.

Elion Melody  A Dose of Oxytocin | Stereofox

Hip hop is among the genres that appear on the project too. Particularly in the opener “Cloud No. 11” with Padre Toxico where Elion depicts trouble in paradise and his attempts to ‘rise’ above it with this mystery person. As the project continues, we’re given the impression that Dose of Oxytocin is just hinged on Hip hop and a bit of Indie. Although a curve ball comes our way through Elion’s Afrobeat-inspired “Red Mercedes II” which seduces the listener to gently sway along with the groovy drums and guitar licks. This is most likely the catchiest track on the EP I must say.

If you’re a fan of Sunni Colon or even Frank Ocean, this is certainly something you’d appreciate especially due to the fact that Elion Melody is able to exquisitely combine nostalgia and etherealness.