posted by Lu
October 2022

Kristoffer Eikrem’s latest album At Times is the kind of listening experience not only brimming with soul, but it’s also full of gripping surprises to continuously rope you into its allure.

Over the years, Kristoffer has been critically lauded and won awards for his musical virtuosity. Although something I can’t neglect to mention is his amazing ability to pick apart a range of different genres and distill its components to form something that’s not only musically opulent, but also something that’s emotionally rich.

That’s exactly what we’re welcome to on this project and the opening track “New Chapter” beautifully personifies this sentiment. It’s the kind of vibe that puts our worries to rest with its calming chords, slick drums, and glittery lead riff. This riff is quite important actually as it serves as a prelude to what’s to come. At Times is primarily a chillhop project although the electronic influence shines through the guise of Kristoffer’s wonderful synth selection. “Happy Sunday” is also among the tracks where the synth lead is the main feature, however this one sets the kind of mood that’s perfect for moments of solitude and contentment. Kjetil Jerve’s appearance on “Jam Session” really puts the Jazz influence to the forefront, especially with those silky smooth keys running over the swingin’ drums and beefy bass line. Earlier I mentioned the emotion that’s pouring from this project – it’s the feature with Chillhop extraordinaire HM Surf where that’s really highlighted. “Hopeful” is the PERFECT title for their collab as a feeling of optimism ensues with each second that passes.

What I loved about At Times is how it’s able to be multi-colored whilst still maintaining a sense of cohesion.

"In 'At Times', I have worked detail-oriented with intricate melodies and chords, but at the same time I have focused on creating a warm and mellow musical atmosphere - in a soundscape that is somewhat more electronic than what I have previously done." - Kristoffer Eikrem

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