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LIMANDI's debut album opens with a track called "One Day I'll Be Proud" and I think today is that day.

Excited to be amongst the first to share her debut 7-track album FUCK.IT. (stream on all major platforms here) 4 years ago, she secluded herself in a studio close to her hometown, crafting a musical masterpiece that captures the very spirit of returning home. The collection of songs stands as a testament to her resilience and artistic prowess, seamlessly blending elements of indie pop, alt r&b, classic soul, and anything electronic in between.

"For me, it's a revelation of accepting oneself as you are and being brave enough to show yourself to the world. By showing my art, all made by me, is pretty much the most vulnerable thing you can do", shares LIMDANDI. FUCK.IT. is her brave first step into the real world, wrapped around the magnificence of her own music. Ask any artist - well-established or a newcomer - releasing your first piece of music is scary and feeling afraid is totally normal, but that's where the beauty of being an artist truly lies - overcoming that feeling and sharing your art with the world. And to LIMANDI's own words - "What is the worst thing that can happen? So just, fuck it."

I guess it goes without saying - I was instantly impressed with everything about FUCK. IT. Exploring themes of heartbreak, self-love, and unapologetic authenticity, this debut album serves as a bold proclamation of liberation and the wholehearted acceptance of vulnerability.

One of the first things that caught my attention was the juxtaposition between the opener "One Day I'll Be Proud" and the follow-up "FUCK. IT." LIMANDI makes a quick stand with just 2 tracks - she knows what she's doing and she is anything, but one-dimensional. From dark and solemn energy to sudden pop-infused refreshing happiness.

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Tracks like "Put The Blame On Me" and "Family" are reminiscent of the earlier works of Låpsley and Amilli with their emotionally charged, yet playful feel. 2 of my favorite compositions on the record. For those, who want to explore the more experimental side of Sanne, her parting gift to us will certainly make an impression. "Where You're Heading To" is a mesmerizing and beautifully produced way to end this chapter and leave you wanting more.

Besides the music, the Swedish artist who is releasing this independently does an outstanding job polishing and sharing her story with the world. Are we seeing the birth of the next alt-pop star? Quite possible, if you ask me.

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