A collaboration between ALEPH and the British electronic music duo Ekcle sounds just as epic as it seems on paper. As part of the two-track Semblance EP, the track "Inbetween" is here to prove that point in practice.

Inbetween can be seen as a juxtaposition of various seemingly opposing musical concepts coming together for what turned out to be a flawless sonic blend. A shimmering melody sitting on top of the full-sounding future bass gives the track that instantly catchy energy, while the jazz-inspired rhythmic elements, framed around the ambient sound of UK future garage, add a brilliant rather sophisticated touch to the whole soundscape.

"Written with the intent to capture the ethos of the aforementioned motifs, the track presents these ideas in a longer form composition, seeking to find a new paradigm Inbetween tradition and modernity.”

ALEPH's and Ekcle's track was released via MAD ZOO, who offer some stunning UK future sounds in their whole catalog!

posted by Chris
May 2021