Alice Auclair opens up about her struggles with anxiety in quite an intimate manner on her new soulful single "stuck".

Neo-soul, pop, folk, and jazz are the genres that this Swiss artist has infused in order to craft a sound that's distinctly hers. On "stuck" it's actually Alice's voice that stands out - her vocals possess a soothing warmth whilst carrying a sense of melancholy to them. The wails coming from the trumpet along with the hushed piano further accentuates the feelings of sorrow that Alice details in her lyrics.

"I wrote this song at a time in my life when I was feeling very trapped in my head by several situations I was experiencing in my private life. I wanted to share the feeling of a psychological loop that can occur when you're really anxious. This song is very personal for me and helped me realize that I had to get out of this toxic loop I was in at the time", says Alice.

posted by Lu
September 2023