There's this area in Berlin called Warschauer strasse. A cross-point between two of the most popular going out destinations and the central part of the city, the place is kinda filthy, uber industrial and the meeting point of every young and old person interested in exploring the bars of this vibrant city. Crossing this on a Friday night at 2 AM and being sober feels like being a character in The Walking Dead as you literally swim in a sea of drunk people, many of who have no perception of reality at this very moment. It's also very a funny experience. This notable place called Warschauer strasse has also a lot of charm rooted in the buskers playing next to the U-bahn station there.

This is how me and Juan stumbled upon this petite blond girl called Alice Phoebe Lou. I often pass by there and listen to the buskers, but I have never seen so many people gathered to watch someone playing. We came just in between 2 of her songs, so naturally had to wait and see what's the reason why people have abandoned their routes and stopped to enjoy her art. No longer than 5 seconds after she hit the first chord of the guitar I poked Juanito in the ribs and told him "We should invite her for a rooftop session".

The young South African is one of the most talented acts I've seen playing on the streets of Berlin and trust me, the street music scene here is pretty strong and interesting.

I'll leave you with her beautiful music and lets hope the next time we write about her, she will be performing on Juan's sunny roofstop.

posted by Ivo
June 2014