Do you play the guitar, do you sing? So does Allison Weiss.In early July she played few shows at Vans Warped Tour USA / the acoustic basement stage. I am sure this won't be her first and last participation at Vans Warped Tour and she will make the full set next year and even go bigger than that. Why I am so sure of that? Because Allison Weiss is self-confident, talented and now matter how cliche it may sound she always believed in herself.

"“I’ve always been a shameless self promoter. I never counted on finding anyone who believed in me as much as I did, so I just learned to handle everything myself” she says." - a great example of determination and how things are done DIY style.

"Hole in Your Heart" is a fusion between powerpop and indie rock with well written lyrics on the subject of love and its interruption.

posted by Alex
July 2013