There's no second opinion on the coolness of Alt-j's music, but I always found it somehow introvert-cool. Up until today when the Brits released a brand new track off their upcoming album This Is All Yours.

"Left Hand Free" is definitely a twist in a direction, I hardly expected from these guys, but f*&% - cow bells, bluesy guitar and a lot, a lot of confidence combined together are heaven!

The track is far from the sound which we head few weeks ago with the release of the "Hunge Of The Pine". When I first hit the play button I just felt like gaining + 101 points of cool aura. Yeah, I know these gaming references are doing the opposite effect but... hmm. How about... when I first hit the play button I felt like grabbing my roommate's longboard, a pair of sunglasses and slide down along the long boulevard with the horizon. Haha, anyways! Wanna share this ASAP.

By the way... more cowbell!

posted by Ivo
July 2014