A track I'm extremely proud to share with you.

So, I guess there's no point to do any introduction of Alt-J and their debut record An Awesome Wave. We've all heard of it, also I'll boldly assume most of us absolutely love it to this day... including "Tessellate" because... well,

Triangles are my favorite shapes

What we're going to dive in today, however, goes beyond the sound world of the "Tessellate" as we know it. Bulgarian singer, multi-instrumentalist and a dear friend - Daniel Ivanov adds an absolutely outstanding new angle to the triangle shape of the original. I wasn't sure whether the word cover describes this accurately, but at the end of the that what really matters is the music itself.

If you want to hear more from Dani, check out his other project Heptagram.

ps. that "morning" sample repeat towards the end is seriously the best addition ever

posted by Ivo
April 2017