First time I heard of Alxndr London was when I found out he was about to perform live in my hometown Plovdiv on the annual Kapana fest. And when I finally saw him live, my mind was blown.

You'd ask why? You're about to find out now.

"Talking Drum" is his newest single and is so mesmerizing, you'll space out in a second. Alxndr explains the track:

The song is inspired by gospel songs. I would hum and sing along to the hymns and African Spirituals. Talking drum is my prayer. I pray that the waves will receive and guide the diaspora back home. I pray that it is not too late for change. I pray that these strange, foreign lands are a thing of yesterday. This song not only captures elements of classic soul music, I also have the liberty of exploring minimal electronica to create a prayer like chant, capturing the hallucinatory, euphoric, floating sensation of surrendering to the unknown, in this case water.

A great soundtrack for this out-of-the-world Saturday.

posted by Nasko
June 2019