it's a-me, amaria

Short, but sweet info on Tampa-based artist Amaria from her Twitter profile. Besides a fan of Super Mario, Amaria is singer, guitarist, producer and has vocals to die for. I am not sure how I just found about her, but honestly - my soul is melting right now. Absolutely obsessed with her music and the more I dig, the more in awe I end up being.

Starting with a track she dropped last year produced by K Le Maestro, but mark my words - far from the last time you'll see her name in our feed. "Twilight" carries a rather heavy drum hitters, especially the accent on the hi-hats... all that perfectly opposing Amaria's lustrous vocals. Everything about this track is top-notch, so get ready for some chill sexiness coming your way.

posted by Ivo
June 2021