I've no idea who's behind AMASiKO, but I do know one thing. Listening to "Lashon' Ilanga" makes me want to travel and explore the lands of Africa. I must admit - it is not always on the top of my travel list as there are parts of Asia I want to discover first, but this feeling of freedom... gives me goosebumps.

The best thing about the southern African sky is the sunsets. I miss them.

It may sound silly, but this song makes me feel as if I'm reborn into a bird and I roam the vast lands of the African continent with its mysticism, diverse cultures and lands as vast as your eye could see.

AMASiKO is the secret side project of a prominent African producer. After racking up multiple top radio 10 hits in Africa and producing & co-writing a song on the latest Beyoncé album - Lion King The Gift, AMASiKO was created as an alternative creative outlet for a different form of expression. The Cinematic Sound of Africa.

I still don't know who this person is, but whoever you are - thank you for those 2 minutes of bliss. I haven't felt that free in a while.

posted by Ivo
September 2019