A few months ago I fell in love with a tune. It is one of those songs which not only restores my passion for music, but also adds various, not very usual emotions to my day.

After the "We Look Good Side By Side" post went live I ended up chatting with Amparo (aka Lela) and I am so happy that she actually ended up being part of our team.

Her new track "Coastal Dusk" is live and once again, I feel the same emotions I felt back in July. It feels like a strange mix of Ben Howards, Tycho and.. Lela's vision herself. The guitar lullaby is one of the most gentle things I've heard and it literally feels as if I am floating in the air and someone's caressing me. This will set you on a course to mental freedom.

"Coastal Dusk" will be part of Lela's upcoming album Palm House and be sure we'll cover it.

posted by Ivo
September 2018