What's better than some experimental dance / lo-fi house vibes to start your week with?

Say hi to Kyiv-based singer and producer Andrey Kunin. His track "Postupovo” (which in Ukrainian means gradually / step by step) is one of the most interesting blends of genres I've heard in a while. I also love the playful change of tempo and the brass elements towards the end of it.

The song is taken from his 3-track release Voyager inspired by the 1977 NASA program which was sent to study the outer Solar System and interstellar space beyond the Sun's heliosphere. Just like this tune.

Andrey shares, "Track was initially created with my first analog synthesizer which has a raw & lo-fi sound, electro-acoustic guitar & Ukrainian radio samples. These were later transformed into the flute, trumpet, and saxophone using an audio-based machine learning from Google Research."

posted by Ivo
August 2021