Starting the day with some Park Hye Jin and Yaeji-inspired sounds.

Always happy to share artist's debut track and go back years later to see how much they've grown. I bet that's going to happen with Andy The Thai and Ÿoyô. Their debut on Purple Room - "Papillon" is a lush VOGUE-inspired blend of classic french house and dance music. A beautiful French charm - chic and soothing. Needless to say, you'll end up repeating this for a while. Andy shares, "a glass of champagne, marble floors, plump pillows, ceiling-to-floor glass windows, and the city beneath your feet." I can see how this fits the sonic picture they've painted.

Quite hyped for the future of this artist and even though the bio is rather scarce, expect us to keep an eye on them in the future.

posted by Ivo
January 2022