I will be honest - when I saw the name Another Dead Clown for the first time, I really didn't expect to hear the graciousness you are about to experience when you reach the bottom of this post. Actually, it has been forever since a song has managed to deeply sadden me and simultaneously fill my heart with hope. I can't really express the genuine happiness I feel when discovering such young, vivid and talented artists. This is probably the one beauty of doing this website. Chris (with whom I had the pleasure to exchange few emails), Meagan, Ian and Gerad - thank you!

Reading the bio on their website, I laughed quite a lot on the way they opened their shows - "we are Another Dead Clown, and so are you, so if you don’t like the way something sounds come on up and fix it.". They definitely sound like nice people to hang out with. Who knows, lets hope they cross the ocean and pay us a visit in Europe! Until then we can enjoy "Eva's Guitar".

posted by Ivo
July 2013