I listen to music for various reasons, working to a general rule of thumb that whatever I'm doing would be a vastly improved experience with music tagging alongside it (working, driving, running – you get the idea). Although this approach lends itself to “listening” to in excess of 10 hours of music per day, there lies one significant flaw – 70 hours of music per week being lost in the backing track that is life.

This inevitable problem however is sometimes made a mockery of and its at times like these that I realize that if the music is good enough, it will inevitably get the attention that it so rightly demands. This was most certainly the case within the first few bars of Arctic Lake's debut single – Limits.

Arctic Lake, formed in Lancaster but honed at The University of Westminster, are a trio propelled by the contradicting vocals of Emma Foster. Contradicting might seem a strange description for the brightest vocal talent within the M25 but it is meant in the most complimentary fashion. Both current releases are paced with the precision of an Olympic athlete, yet seem to remain unpredictable. The vocals are both haunting yet comforting, down-spirited but uplifting, understated but in a big way.

Yes, Arctic Lake will draw comparisons to your XX's or your London Grammar's, even the more current but equally talented Vallis Alps. What sets Arctic Lake apart from these comparisons is their ability to gently coax you to a place only Foster knows, only to be slapped in the face when you get there.

posted by Staff
June 2015