Today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite tracks off Arms and Sleeper's record Swim Team, which Anna was so nice to share with us last year. Later on, I had the pleasure of getting their vinyl which eventually sparkled my love for the guys. Anything, which can be described as:

"The record is a blend of loads of styles: from trip hop to electro pop, from hip hop to experimental electronica, and Arms and Sleepers are skillfully combining all of that into their own unique sound. There is a lot of 90's and R&B inspired beats (which make me think of J Dilla, I've been listening to his "Dillanthology" series lately), especially in tracks like "Forever Only" and "Mingus Mapps" worth listening to!

But why Arms and Sleepers today? Well, the duo are gearing up for a new releases and they need our help! Just like us a while back, they decided to go with crowd-funding. So, if you enjoy cool electronics and want to support quality music, don't hesitate and drop by their Kickstarter campaign!

posted by Ivo
May 2015