Enter the beautifully synthetic world which London-based producer 1-800 Girls re-designed using Art School Girlfriend's "Is It Light Where You Are". The artist, real name Jake Stewart, hits the sweet rave / UK garage spot and will leave you breathless by the time this 6+ minutes delight is over.

This remix was my starting point towards exploring the works of Art School Girlfriend and her debut 2021 LP named after the single "Is It Light Where You Are". An oozing selection of 10 tracks that dwell in the dark electronica / downtempo / experimental pop realm. All crafted by producer, multi-instrumental, and singer/songwriter Polly Mackey who shows a great deal of significant depth and substance.

Going back to the remix crafted by 1-800 Girls, what I loved the most is the striking balance between light and dark and how well this fits in a number of situations and moods. I am torn between running away toward the nothingness of nature and the club at the same time. Add the splash of acid feel to this and you've got a 100% winner.

If you appreciate the works of Baltra, or Giulia Tess, this will end up on your Friday playlists.

posted by Ivo
November 2022