posted by Krisi
November 2022

One click on the app and you are already in a brand new world where in 15 seconds somebody can uplift your mood, tell you a quick story or introduce you to… everything really.

Of course, the sound is important as it is the soundtrack of visuals and themes that can make you feel like Alice in TikTokLand. On the first corner is the hatter with his book reviews, the second is occupied by celebrities connecting with fans, and the third is for the music curators - our favorite white rabbits. Leading us through their new favorite tunes. Of course, there are around million other corners there, but we are going to focus on the latter, making a list with our 10 favorite music people that can make anyone go viral.

But before that, here is the short list of all the TikTokcurators we are going to present to you:

  • occupiedliving
  • axeltanner
  • annabelleklinee
  • gendirectmusic
  • thecrunchybeat
  • letsshowandtell
  • assortedtapes
  • kaseys.playlist
  • bakurifuto
  • magnificokeanu


It takes one to know one, right? OccupiedLiving or just Ben likes to show his over half a million followers the good side of the r&b and hip-hop vibes but not only does he introduce us to the hottest ones out there. He is doing it immaculately with good humor and it just shows how much Ben is passionate about music. That's why we trust every single note he decides to put on his TikTok channel. And we especially enjoy the rubric of him as a news anchor because yes, the official TV channels should take notes of what to show in their prime time. Also, his 10/10 Spotify playlists are here.



♬ 247 - Mike Dimes


Another example of how the edits on TikTok can make a difference. Axel Tanner is a producer who slid through the TikTok world promoting his own beats. After a while, he decided to share his own favorites and to give artists - known and unknown that initial kick. After some time people kept their attention bumping into his videos because they know that they will hear something good. Axel is finding hidden gems for us, songs that slap and brand new pieces we didn't even know exist. Also, you can check out his playlists on Spotify.

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Song in this video👇 . . “PARTY’S OVER” - Nobu Woods . . #rnb #newmusic #musictok New music, music recommendation, music suggestion, music playlist, song suggestion, good songs, good music

♬ PARTY'S OVER - Nobu Woods


"Songs perfect for scream singing until you pop a blood vessel".

Tell us right now you have never felt like this and Annabelle herself will tell you you're a liar. She is the founder of That Good Sh*t where she transfers her love for music into carefully curated playlists and events. But we know she has a good taste from her TikTok account where she reacts, reviews, and shows us good music with some singing on her side every once in a while. Her account is a bit chaotic, Frank Ocean is definitely one of her favorites and we are here for it.

@annabelleklinee would recommend scream singing to all of these #musictok #evergreen #omarapollo #musiccurator ♬ evergreen - 444.songss


He makes your r&b daily playlist picks for you and he does a pretty good job here. GenDirect definitely has an ear for great newcomers but does not shy away from the artists we all know and love. He's grabbing the attention with his Late Night Drive selections, throw his latest finds in the mix and has amazing playlists on Spotify you can go through here.

And if TikTok is not your jam, he introduces new music in his Instagram profile as well, so better follow him there too.

@gendirectmusic I became an immediate fan 🫡 @alexslaymusic #rnb #rnbvibes #rnbmusic #rnbsoul #randb #randbmusic #randbsoul ♬ Say Less - Alex Slay


"Ur mother’s fav music curator".

That's the first thing in his bio we see, and we really want to test that theory. He also has a microphone for his podcast alongside his friend David where they do not limit to showing us what's worth it in one genre. Amid this, they also tell stories and discuss whatever is hot for them in the bright world of music. A quick scroll through DJ's TikTok profile though and you can find his newest and favorite tracks so you can picks with what to be obsessed today. And, of course, good playlists for every mood. 

@thecrunchybeat I’ve always been and always will be a big fan of @disclosuremusic and @Raye is the perfect vocal fit here🫡🔥 #crunchybeats #cbotd #disclosure #ukgarage #edmtok #musiccurator #raye ♬ Waterfall - Disclosure & RAYE


We know him through his top-notch Spotify playlists where we can swim in different pools of music each night and not get tired.

On TikTok he likes to play with visual descriptions and moods for every track he decides to show and tell about. One of the songs we should thank is "Places" by Shlohmo for his love of music because now his fine curation is done by the name of Creator K and he rarely misses to lead us through great picks from UK garage to groovy dance vibes.

@letsshowandtell Dancey dancey #musictaste #musicdiscovery #dancemusic #dancevibes #littledragon ♬ COCO BADASS (feat. Kiéla Adira) - Ric Wilson


Another one to catch our attention with his precise curation on TikTok.

From "Timeless tracks that I could listen to forever" to his favorite hidden gems, AJ rightfully claims himself as the TikTok jukebox. There is everything for everybody, and if you have ever stumbled on one of his short clips you know his taste is to be trusted. Some of his precious findings he gets on his Apple and Spotify playlists and his newsletters you can subscribe to. On his website, he also keeps some of the finest posters we have ever seen, and under the tune of our recent findings through his channel "Papas Fritas" by Nick Hakim we are already pinning one or two.

@assortedtapes nick hakim is the master of making some breathtakingly beautiful music #musictok #muiscrecommendations ♬ Papas Fritas - Nick Hakim


Kasey will recommend you songs that feel like fall, if you want to go back to that 2013 tumblr era or the ones she just has on repeat. Also, she has the ear for similar and really great upcoming artists and maybe that's why she is now not only TikTok curator but an A&R for nettwerkmusic. With no doubt we go and scroll through her Spotify playlists and well, oh well, we are once again caught up in the mood for "oat milk lattes in the mountains" and "oversized sweatshirts".

@kaseys.playlist pairs well with a striped tee, black tennis skirt, and doc martens #the1975 #arcticmonkeys #playlist ♬ About You - The 1975


He shows us all the unproblematic artists, does short and sweet reviews sometimes and is a friend of Remi Wolf. So, yes, of course, we will introduce him. Jabren is one of the most chill guys on the app and he kind of made us go and check out Kid Cudi latest album and he needed just three minutes for that one. He also has sweet Spotify selections and of course, all are good, but the "unproblematically good" is what we jam with the most. 

@bakurifuto Entergalactic by @KidCudi #kidcudi #entergalactic #moviereview #albumreview #moviesoundtrack #raptok #netflix #musicsocialite #jabren ♬ Somewhere to Fly - Kid Cudi & Don Toliver


All the underrated songs from all the corners of the world you can find on magnificokeanu's TikTok profile.

He rarely shows his face but when he does he plays his battle songs or shows us his perfect picks. Also, most probably created a new Spotify playlist for the current mood. Soul, r&b, Korean r&b or your new 3am late night drive addition. Everything you need is right there.

@magnificokeanu #gatton #thehero #musicrecommendations #bop #underratedsongs #underrated #heywannalistesntosometunes #banger #keanuthecurator #fyp #wannalistentosometunes ♬ The Hero - Gatton

Honorable mentions

While we need to keep the list short, there are a few more people who have a superb skills when it comes to finding new music. We just can't end this article without giving the well-deserved shoutout to Travis George (of Sundae Sauuce) and Rooknight. Both of them drop their dopest finds into our headphones and rarely miss with the artists they decide to put in the spotlight for a video.

So, if you want to find great music coming from tested ears without wasting precious time, go to the profiles of the people above and discover your new obsessions.

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