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August 2023

Are you looking for the best Apple Music playlists? I hope this helps you!

Full disclosure - I am an Android user. That being said, because of the essence of what we do here at Sterefox, I subscribe and use both Spotify and Apple Music when it comes to music discovery, and yes Apple Music is available for Android.

The product team at Apple has done outstanding work in recent years to elevate the in-app experience and bring new features to life. The product team's focus on user-centric design is particularly noteworthy. Each new feature is carefully crafted to enhance functionality while maintaining an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface.

In addition, the editor's team is constantly on the lookout because their playlist gets a constant regular update with the freshest things out there. What I appreciate is the recently updated note on each playlist as you browse Apple Music.

I also want to highlight how much I love the animated artwork on some of the editorial playlists on Apple Music. It adds a layer of cool to the whole listening experience. With all that being said, I want to share with you my personal findings when it comes to the best-curated playlists on the platform. Also, if you use Apple Music, feel free to follow us and our Stereofox playlists here.

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BEATstrumentals is hands down one of the best low-key groove selections by the Apple Music team. The playlist, which gets a frequent weekly update, is a collection of chillhop and lofi beats, perfect to plug in the background and space out while nodding your head.

Whether they're derived from jazz, funk, soul, or ambient music, these chill hip-hop beats from around the world provide a soothing soundtrack for breezing through to-do lists, focusing on work, or unwinding after a long day.


If you follow Stereofox, you should know that some of us are diehard electronic music fans. While that might be one of the most generic terms I could have used, there's this specific segment of electronic music we feature and I think LOOPS is pretty much exact replication of our taste. In their latest update, the guys include Four Tet, Kllo, Caribou, Maribou State, Yaeji, Bearcubs, Tycho... the list goes on and on, but definitely artists we love, follow and feature. A definite rave vibe.

The history of electronic music is synonymous with innovation—in sound, technology, and ideas. Whether in the underground or in the spotlight, the artists featured here are always pushing forward, either inventing bold, new styles or finding fresh ways to flip old, familiar favorites.

Pure Focus

We can't be talking about electronic music and miss those ambient-driven sounds which help us when we need to focus on a task. And yes, the world is not just chillhop when it comes to studying. Apple Music's Pure Focus is a playlist of haunting and captivating sonic waves that will elevate you.

Sharpen your senses with this mix of introspective electronic soundscapes.

The Lounge

Time to step into The Lounge. Dope rhythms, downtempo and tight beat grooves are definitely going to be your guide into the world of cool electronics. The 100 tracks playlist always has some cool surprised along the way, so in terms of vibes and BPM you shall definitely not be surprised.

Here's a mix of downtempo indie rock, jazzy electronic, and outré hip-hop that holds the vibe without rocking the boat. Whether you're reading, cooking, or just lying back and chilling out, put this on and let it ride.

Midnight City

Midnighty City's name speaks for itself. If you're looking for that sweet spot where indie dance, funk, and electronic dance music live, you will find home here. Little Dragon, Flume, TOKiMONSTA, Grimes, Disclosure, Tame Impala - the list is diverse, but definitely

Night isn't just a time—it's a feeling, a place where cares dissipate into dream. Mixing left-field dance-pop and indie electronic, here's a set that keeps the pulse up without losing its sense of wee-hours imagination and play.

Bedtime Beats

While I do use Headspace, there's one place on Apple Music where I know I can find an escape when it comes to channeling negative energy out of my brain before going to bed. Bedtime beats. Awesome artwork and a wide selection of beat lullabies for those who love lofi and chillhop musc.

The moon’s up, the hour’s late, the world’s asleep. Look, it’s been a long day—no need to belabor the point. Here’s a mix of low-key instrumental hip-hop for unwinding and falling asleep.

Since we're talking bedroom, in case you're looking for your next sexy time soundtrack, you gotta head to R&B Trends. Subtle beats and silky soulful vocals, you'll be in the company of H.E.R., emawk, Frank Ocean and alike.

R&B is one of the more dynamic spaces in modern music—and this is where you'll find the boundary-pushing artists leading the conversation. Taking cues from hip-hop and electronic, but still anchored by tradition, here are the tracks pointing the way R&B is heading

New Fire

Yeah, selecting New Fire was a no brainer. The Apple Music guys have added Thundercat, Childish Gambino and BROCKHAMPTON in their latest update (by the time I write these lines). Since we're sliding in the hip hop waters, you definitely shouldn't sleep on this playlist.

The name of this playlist says it all: These tunes are super-fresh and scorching-hot. It's your place to keep up with the best new hip-hop, R&B, and dance.

Conscious Hip-Hop Essentials

We can't talk about hip hop and skip the classics. Lots of old school vibe when it comes to Conscious Hip-Hop Essentials. The best thing about this playlist is that besides legends like GZA, Common, Wu Tang and Gang Starr, you'll hear heaps of new talent like Noname and Oddisee.

Hip-hop has been a political hotbed since its inception, broadcasting messages about equality and oppression that were as powerful as the beats, flow, and delivery. In the beginning, there were artists like Grandmaster Flash reporting on the conditions of the communities where they lived. Then groups like N.W.A. and Public Enemy came onto the rap landscape in the mid-’80s issuing direct challenges to authority figures like the police and politicians. And while the ferocity of messaging hasn’t died down, the lens has widened, with artists like Common and Slum Village delivering rhymes about romance as resistance.

High Vibes Yoga

Apple Music has been historically excelling when it comes to curating for the health & fitness space and one of their flagship editorials - High Vibes Yoga is no exception!

With its long builds, ecstatic drops, and trippy tribal- and house-influenced grooves, this playlist is designed for collective, high-energy yoga. More rave than relaxation session. More Burning Man than bodhisattva. So limber up, find your inner animal, and let it go. We rotate selections here regularly, so if you hear something you like, add it to your library.

Apple Music Playlists

The editorial staff at Apple Music is constantly expanding and venturing into different topics, so I feel this page will be a constant work in progress. In addition, the team added their Replay playlists in November 2019 and I've heard some pretty good feedback so far.

Those playlists are not created automatically and you will need to enable them from your Apple Music account. In addition, you can grab your 2023 Replay mixes from this page.

Got your favourite playlists on the platform? Feel free to send us a message! Feel free to follow us and our 10 playlists on Apple Music here.

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