posted by Ivo
December 2023

The world of study beats is vast. Some time ago, Lu and I embarked on the journey of finding out more about chillhop and lofi, a genre that has been dominating our website for the past few years. Lofi hip hop's historical roots are intrinsic to the genre, with pioneers like Pete Rock and J Dilla showcasing its early presence. The fusion of lofi and hip hop, characterized by sampling, defines the essence of lofi hip hop.

I love writing those editorials because it allows me to dig into proper research and while I often write about beats, I learned tons in the process.

After covering YouTube's best lofi radio stations, now it's time to see what Spotify has to offer.

Before we begin with our selection, a shameless self-plug - we curate and update a chillhop / lofi playlist on all major platforms, Spotify included - feel free to follow our beats to chill to playlist here. We update it weekly, so you won't be disappointed.

We try to add a blend of rather spacious lofi hip hop, chillhop and jazz-inspired beats. A nice mash-up of anything chill.

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So, now that we got the shameless self-promotion out of the way... let's start.

A list of the best lofi hip hop playlists

A short summary, before we dig into each of those amazing curators below.

  • lofi hip hop / chillhop / beats to stud to by College Music
  • lofi sleep, lofi rain by Sleep Tales
  • Study Beats I Lofi/Jazzy & Calm beats by Fantastic Music
  • Late Night Vibes by Chillhop Music
  • quiet lofi // sleepy lofi beats by Jamie Henwood
  • The Jazz Hop Cafe [Monthly Selection] by The Jazzhop Cafe
  • Sad & Sleepy beats (Lofi HipHop) by thebootlegboy
  • Monday Mornings Chillhop by Tsunami Sounds
  • Lofi Beats by HipDozer
  • HIGH AT WORK - [lofi hip hop / phonk / vaporwave ] by Ryan Celsius
  • lofi goodies by freshgoodies

lofi hip hop / chillhop / beats to study by College Music

If you're a reader of our website, the name College Music should be very familiar. One of our label friends, Jonny and Luke have been prominent names in the scene for years now. I love their efforts to openly discuss the topic of mental health and depression (which is often used/abused in the genre).

lofi sleep, lofi rain by Sleep Tales

Daniel is an all-around great human being who puts a lot of effort and love into curating the playlist. The music is on the rather sleepy spectrum of lofi, so a great way to space out at the end of a long day.

He maintains a great Discord server where he reviews lots of submissions, so I often tune in and listen to get inspiration for our own playlist.

Study Beats I Lofi/Jazzy & Calm beats by Fantastic Music

Robin from Fantastic Music was mentioned in our radio post too, but I wanted to also highlight his ~200 tracks selection on Spotify. He updates it quite regularly and keeps a steady pace, meaning adding a few amazing beats each day or so. The vibe is predominantly on the feel good, calm side of chillhop, hence the slogan - "study with calms beats".

Late Night Vibes by Chillhop Music

Personal friends and one of the genre pioneers. Bas, Kyle and co absolutely nail the curation on their Late Night Vibes playlist and while they have a bunch of great playlists, there's something about that snuggling raccoon that just makes me feel zen. 04:20 is the vibe to be.

quiet lofi / sleepy lofi beats by Jamie Henwood

The name of this Spotify playlists says it all. And it surely lives up to its expectations. Jamie is quite rigorous when it comes to finding the ultimate sleepy beats and if gentle is what you're going for... then you will find heaven in this selection.

The Jazz Hop Cafe [Monthly Selection] by The Jazzhop Cafe

As the title suggests, if your vibe is to get your zen pill at once, then Jack's monthly update is a good place to stop by. I love their YouTube channel and been a fan from the early days of Stereofox. They always carefully tailor the playlists, so the October update focuses on spooky Halloween vibes thanks to the latest WYS release Halloween Night.

Sad & Sleepy beats (Lofi HipHop) by thebootlegboy

Bootlegboy. One of the most responsive and kind people on the Internet. He definitely focuses on the melancholic side of chillhop and lofi hip hop, so if you are having trouble falling asleep, then I might plug in his selection (which is updated weekly)

Monday Mornings Chillhop by Tsunami Sounds

I definitely can't talk about community and miss the work of Damon - the guy running Tsunami Sounds. He puts tons of work into fostering positive and educational feel within their their groups and the best part if that they plan on giving 5% of their earning back to the community in 2022!

Lofi Beats by HipDozer

I think one of the most massive independent Spotify playlists on the Internet. Curated by our friends at Hip Dozer, they also don't shy from the rather upbeat side of chillhop music.

Relax with our finest selection of lofi hip hop, chillhop and chill beats to study, have a smoke or have a coffee.

HIGH AT WORK - [lofi hip hop / phonk / vaporwave ] by Ryan Celsius

Ryan has made a name for himself when it comes to wonky, phonk-ish beats, so his curation for distributor Amuse offers the most out-of-the-box vibe (strictly chillhop-speaking). Title does live up to its expectations, so if you're fed up with them work tasks, the 150+ beats on this Spotify playlists are a good gateway to more relaxed vibes.

lofi goodies by freshgoodies

The selections of the Dutch-based collective and label freshgoodies are endless. Robin and co. curate beats for your dinner guests, studying, coding, when you're sad and even venture into hip hop bars blended with lofi hip hop. I chose the goodies one, but you won't be making a mistake exploring any of the other 10 playlists they curate.

Chill Beats | lofi hip hop, chillhop & jazzhop by Stereofox

Yeah, guys. Time for shameless self-promotion plug pt 2. Plus, since its ours I kinda thing we do a pretty good job supplying you with the chillest beats out there. We tend to combine everything from jazzhop to ambient-driven beats, so as long as its chill vibes and we like it, we'll find a spot for it. Check out our Chill Beats selection here.

The growth of the lofi hip hop, chillhop and jazzhop genre hasn't stopped for years now. Accelerated by the Pandemic, the Lofi music started to rise during the Pandemic and hasn’t stopped since. There are tons of talented producers and if you're seeking the feeling of zen while relaxing and studying, this is hands down one of the best genres to listen to.

Also, to keep things relevant, the info and links constantly being updated, so we make sure we share with you nothing, but the best chillhop and lofi playlists.

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