posted by Anna
June 2013

How often do you feel nostalgic about the good old days, 90's hip hop and say that back in the days everything was much better? I'm pretty sure it happens. That is the reason why I got extremely excited when I stumbled upon this mix from Flight Facilities which describes a decade in music in order in which it came out. The guys didn't stop at that and they have included the historical events into this set. This is a very proper throwback!

They have created 4 mixes: The first mix is 1972 – 1982, the second 1982 – 1992, third 1992 – 2002, and lastly 2002 – 2012. Each set represents the music of 10 years and moves chronologically through time.

You can also read more about the whole process of how they came up with this idea and how much work it actually involved in their blog, definitely worth a read.

I seriously can’t describe how much I enjoyed listening to the third mix and I thought it would be enjoyable for everybody else. Have fun with your time travels.

Oh, and did I mention that all of the mixes are downloadable?

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