posted by Lu
April 2019

If you’re ever in doubt about love and the happiness that comes with it, the lyrics and the visuals of "All I Need" is bound to restore your absent faith.  In his latest track, British singer and songwriter Jolé expresses his love for his partner in manner which is vulnerable; to the point where it sounds like he would give up he’s well being for the sake of hers.

Honestly, it’s not actually the lyrics that that melt your heart… I find that it’s the warmth that deeply permeates from his vocal delivery. In the first couple of seconds I thought to myself “here we go, another one of those folk songs”, but as soon as I heard his voice vibrate it literally felt like a massage to my ear drums.  I loved the fact that the track also throws listeners off with the unsuspecting string section and the laid-back 4/4 rhythm. This is more of a solitary listen and if you find yourself in your feelings, "All I Need" is a great place to seek refuge.