posted by Staff
December 2018

On the night of the last full moon in 2019 when celestial bodies have positioned in order to perform the winter solstice, Brighton-bred and now West London-based soul singer Celeste, shares a video for current single "Lately", directed by rising photographer and filmmaker Sam Hiscox. She has described the track as the soundtrack to “overthinking relationships with money, boys, family and work, and not making the most of them,” and the video expands on this idea, cutting from a pensive, chain-smoking Celeste to arguing couples, seedy bars and faceless crowds.

References to other genres or artists could bring a slight overshadowing of the talent in consideration, but in this case everyone who felt for the dramatic London soul queen Amy Winehouse and drowned into her deep eyes would subconsciously compare and celebrate the rise of a new voice, tainted in power and mystery. As Elton John said on his Beats1 show, “Celeste is quite something else … watch out for her.”