From the instrumentation to the songwriting, AVIJÉ's latest release "Black Jungle" is littered with moments that are deeply thought-provoking and immediately snatch our attention.

AVIJÉ is an Iran-born, U.K.-based singer-songwriter who draws from an eclectic mix of reggae, jazz, soul, Latin, and 1970s Iranian music. At first, it was the colorful production of "Black Jungle" that captivated me - the trippy guitars, slick bass, and the rhythm section adorned with vibrant percussion. Although AVIJÉ's is where we'd find depth as she shares her experiences about the emotional and mental exhaustion that comes from constantly chasing someone else’s happiness and validation. Her verses are personal yet delivered with so much grace, especially in the chorus as she buries her soul in the instrumental.

"The roots of Black Jungle lie in the prison-like feeling of an incompatible, mentally abusive relationship. This exploration of toxic love and finding the confidence to break free found new meaning for AVIJÉ during the spark of the 2023 Iran Revolution."

posted by Lu
November 2023