Following the release of her new EP titled “Machine” a few months back, London-based, Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle returns with new single "No Harm".

The intellectually stimulating dark R&B r&b offering follows on from recent single "Reclaim," and is produced by London-based Dayma.

Speaking about the song the singer has this to say:

"It’s about trying to understand the reasoning and frame of mind of three different rapists, who probably don’t understand that they are rapists. I also had the Brock Turner case at the back of my mind when I wrote this, and how he managed to shift the blame of his actions, seemingly convincing himself that he wasn’t at fault even after being convicted”

From the moody electronics to the emotionally-charged lyrics and vocals that demand to be heard. Ayelle is an artist with something to say that's most definitely worth hearing.

posted by Colin
November 2016